Giant columns at the entrance to Sac Aktun.

Why I Choose
Connie LoRe

(Continues) Sure, I have the same qualifications as others who lead groups to Mexico. I’ve been an active cave diving instructor and have over 25 years of experience leading hundreds of divers on group trips to destinations around the world. Additionally, I’ve run multi-vessel dive charter and dive resort operations in both the Caribbean and Pacific. When it comes to running a successful group trip, I know what it takes. And, having watched Connie in action, I know that she not only does everything I’d do, she also does things I can’t.

For example, I don’t know that I’d attempt to fix breakfast for six or more people, prior to an aggressive day of diving. Connie does this without batting an eyelash (and is a wonderful cook as well).

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More About Connie

“…among the best group leaders we have. She always brings happy people.”

That’s what Nancy DeRosa, co-owner of the Yucatan’s most popular cave and cavern diving resort operation, has to say about divemaster Connie LoRe.


Over the past 19 years, Connie has logged over 3,000 dives — the majority of them in underwater caves. Connie has received the prestigious Gold Wakulla Award from the National Association for Cave Diving (NACD), and the Abe Davis and International Cave Diving Safety Awards from the Cave Diving Section of the National Speleological Society (NSS-CDS).

Mayan Family

Connie was part of an international team of exploration cave divers who extended the Dos Ojos cave system an additional 45,000 feet. With over 200,000 feet of passageway now surveyed and mapped, Dos Ojos ranks among the world’s longest underwater caves.

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