Senora Cristina

Senora Cristina, proprietress of the “Mercado” near the entrance of Dos Ojos. She makes many of these hammocks by hand. We stop here to shop on every trip.

Why I Choose
Connie LoRe

(Continues) Connie knows the Yucatan, its dive sites, dive operators and people better than I do (which is saying a lot, in so far as I a lot more about Mexican cave diving than most folks who live in the USA). She knows how to put out all the behind-the-scenes fires that would otherwise interfere with a smooth-running trip (remember, this is Mexico we’re talking about — nothing ever goes exactly as planned).

Most importantly, when Connie is leading a trip, the well being of her divers becomes the sole focus of her existence. She spends every waking minute making certain her people have the best time possible, no matter how much personal effort and sacrifice it takes.

You’d assume this is something any group leader would do -- but you’d be wrong. Over the years, I’ve seen far too many dive instructors put together group trips for the sole purpose of providing themselves with a free dive vacation — and to Hell with the poor slobs that are footing the bill. I’ve seen group members stranded on dry land while their group leader indulges himself in “special” dives he feels are beyond their ability.

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Cave Dive Mexico

About Villas DeRosa

Aquatech/Villas DeRosa has established itself as the favorite resort destination for cave divers visiting Mexico's “New Frontier.” Situated on the beach in Adventuras Akumal, Villas DeRosa is centrally located, providing quick and easy access to all popular cave diving sites.

Villas DeRosa



Each group typically shares its own private villa, with double bedrooms adjoining a common living/dining room area, kitchen and terrace or balcony.


The dining area and sunken living room of each villa overlooks the ocean. It makes a great place to gather before or after dives.

Living Room



Opposite the dining area is a fully-stocked kitchen. Connie often makes breakfast here for the entire group. You will find everything you need to whip up a quick sandwich or snack.


For lunch and dinner, the resort's kitchen prepares delicious American, Mexican and Mayan dishes — and serves them to you right in your own villa.




The two adjoining bedrooms can be set up with a king-size bed for couples, or two single beds for unrelated adults. Each bedroom has its own private bathroom with shower.



Additional features include:


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Connie at Hohoch
Connie at Hohoch