Sac Acktun

Giant stalactite at the entrance to Sac Acktun

Why I Choose
Connie LoRe

People sometimes ask why I referred divers to Connie LoRe for Yucatan cave diving, instead of running my own trips. The answer is, I wanted my students and customers to have the best. When it comes to guiding groups of cave divers in Mexico's “New Frontier,” Connie does an even better job than I could.

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Cave Dive Mexico

You've Always Known

As a cave diver, you’ve always known that the underwater labyrinths of Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula are among the most breathtaking anywhere. Filled from floor to ceiling with incredibly beautiful and fragile stalactites, stalagmites and columns, these caves let divers experience an underwater world unlike north-central Florida — or nearly anywhere else on earth.

Nohoch Na Chich

Perhaps you've already been to the Yucatan one or more times. Perhaps you're yearning to make the first pilgrimage. Either way, you know that a cave-diving trip to Mexico requires attention to myriad details and considerable local knowledge. And, understanding this, perhaps you don't know where to begin to make that first trip — or return trip. Why not leave all these concerns in the hands of a knowledgeable and experienced group leader?

The Chapel

Connie LoRe is an active cave diver with considerable experience leading groups of cave divers to Akumal's most popular sites. She can help make your first trip to dive the Yucatan caves a reality, or make a return trip that much more pleasant.

Each year, Connie schedules several one-week excursions, based at world-famous Villas DeRosa. And, she has put together a special package whose price simply can't be beat. Why not take advantage of Connie's experience and join her on an upcoming trip? Signing up is easy.

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Connie at Hohoch
Connie at Hohoch